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Dallas, Texas, United States
I am a 3D Artist and this is my online Portfolio. I graduated from The Art Institute of Dallas with a BFA in Media Arts and Animation. SKILLS: 3DS Max Maya Unity Unreal Zbrush Photoshop xnormals Headus Email: Phone: (972)971-8566

Robotron 2084

Finished the Robotron 2084 Arcade system by Williams. This model is 1700 polys with 2048x2048 texture maps. Diffuse,Normal,Specular,Emissive maps.


Art test I did for Certain Affinity. The Chrysalis concept came from Certain Affinity's Studio. I enjoyed doing this project for them.

Hand Powered Drill

Finished the Hand Powered Drill. 1,250 Polys with 1024x1024-Diffuse and 512x512-Specular and Normal maps.

U.C.K. Gun Model

Texture Maps

Wood Crate

Crate I modeled for a test.

Ogre Head Sculpt

Ogre sculpted and textured in Zbrush.

Gun Case

Finished the Gun Case. Lowpoly 2,600 tris with 2048x2048 texture maps.

Texture Maps


I have the base colors down. I am going to add the fine details in the next couple of days.

My favorite game of all time Chrono Trigger. This is the hi-poly I will finish the low poly and texturing in a couple of weeks.
Concept artist I chose to use for the style I wanted is- Edmundo Landaverde Jandres
His art can be found here-
I started back on finishing Crono. I'm going to make 2 materials for Crono. His head and body separated. The head is a WIP on the texture.

Hammer Bot

Hammer Bot I made for Four Story Creative. Rendered in Unity. This robot was only meant to have a diffuse but I added a quick normal just to push some details for this render.

Halo Helmet

Halo Helmet almost finished with the textures. Here is the Low Poly on the left and the High Poly with wires on the right.


HULK model