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Dallas, Texas, United States
I am a 3D Artist and this is my online Portfolio. I graduated from The Art Institute of Dallas with a BFA in Media Arts and Animation. SKILLS: 3DS Max Maya Unity Unreal Zbrush Photoshop xnormals Headus Email: Phone: (972)971-8566


I have the base colors down. I am going to add the fine details in the next couple of days.

My favorite game of all time Chrono Trigger. This is the hi-poly I will finish the low poly and texturing in a couple of weeks.
Concept artist I chose to use for the style I wanted is- Edmundo Landaverde Jandres
His art can be found here-
I started back on finishing Crono. I'm going to make 2 materials for Crono. His head and body separated. The head is a WIP on the texture.